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Customer Reviews

“We moved into our new home that I already had a Kinetico water system installed I had the owner of Kinetico come up to our house to do a service on the system he arrived on time and was polite and totally explained how this system worked versus our system in our other home.

The system is much better than the older water system that we had in our other home I highly recommend using Kinetico water for all your needs.”

-Robert W., Yelp

“Will always get my water here. The place is clean, staff is friendly, and they have carts to roll out multiple bottles!”

Arezu Monika, Google Review

“When I lived in a rural area on a well, I got a Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis filtration system to assure clean, contaminant-free water. When we moved to the city, we did not care for the chemical taste, the calcium deposits on the shower doors nor the staining in the toilets.

I called Kinetico of Placerville and Cody came out, tested the water and reviewed options. I had researched whole house reverse osmosis systems and thought, despite the expense, it was what would take care of all our issues.

Cody was a bit reluctant after he measured and though the place it would have to go in the basement would not accommodate the tank that was needed for this size system. I felt that someone made a tank that would fit and Cody spent a lot of time trying to find one, which he finally did. He and his helpers had to remove the banister to get it down the stairs, but with inches to spare it got down.

Installation followed swiftly with the crew being extremely knowledgeable about the fairly complicated connections between the carbon filter, water softener, or unit, tank, and pump, not to mention the bypass necessary if something went awry someday. They even discovered the irrigation system was using treated water and rerouted it so it only used untreated water. I was very impressed with their skill.

I cannot recommend Kinetico of Placerville more highly. They were a pleasure to work with and the cost was ultimately reasonable.”

Jerry T., Happy Customer Email