Kinetico Water of Placerville Water Filters

What’s In Your Water? Placerville, CA

This customer lives in Placerville and her water is black!

What’s the cause?
Normally black water is attributed to iron and magnesium found in the well water.  Often times when magnesium is found in water it turns black when exposed to oxygen.  Kinetico Water of Placerville offers whole house filtration systems and filters that filter out this troublesome problem.

If you have issues with your water, we can help. Our local water specialists can pinpoint what the cause is of your water issues and also give you options for treating your water. We’re your local water experts and have been treating water in the Placerville area for over 30 years.  The best way to handle a dirty water problem is to leave it to the experts! We are here to help and we offer free consultations.