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Residential Water Systems

Getting pure, fresh water from every tap and appliance is essential for your family’s health, home, and quality of life. But between emerging contaminants, confusing test results, and complicated technologies, creating that healthy home environment can feel overwhelming.

That’s why our local water quality experts take the time to truly understand your lifestyle, tap water sources, problem symptoms, and health goals. We take the guesswork out of testing and treatment so you can have confidence in the water your household relies on daily.

We handle all the testing, installation, optimization and upkeep – no PhD required on your part. Contact us to schedule a risk-free water quality assessment. We’ll design the perfect residential water solution so your most precious resource is protected.

Commercial Water Systems

Water quality directly impacts your business operations, overhead costs, customer experience, and legal obligations to provide safe conditions.

But juggling emerging contaminants, equipment damage, health codes plus keeping day-to-day activities running smoothly quickly becomes overwhelming.

Let our commercial water quality experts shoulder those burdens so you can focus on what matters most – keeping your business flowing profitably and efficiently.

For over 20 years, we’ve partnered with hospitality, healthcare, food service, education, commercial property and industrial organizations to safeguard their water from source to tap.

We tailor commercial-grade solutions to match your specific contaminants, workflows and budgets. Contact us to schedule a complimentary water checkup focused on your business.


Water Treatment, Water Softeners, & Water Filtration

About Kinetico

Understanding your water is the first step to improving it. But between emerging contaminants, confusing tests, and complicated treatment options, getting a handle on your home’s water quality can feel overwhelming.

At Norcal Water Systems, we simplify the path to pure, safe tap water. Our water experts provide:

  • Comprehensive testing identifying risks unique to your home
  • Custom analysis reports presented in everyday language
  • Personalized solutions tackling your specific contaminants
  • Ongoing support optimizing systems for health and performance

While water problems seem puzzling, the solutions don’t have to be. We decode complex topics and engineer treatment tailored to your issues, lifestyle and budget.

Relax knowing our certified pros have your back. Contact us today to start your stress-free journey to quality water from source to tap!

Whether you need filtration, ion exchange (water softener), purification (reverse osmosis), sanitization, or a specialty system, Kinetico has the solution to meet your needs and budget.
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Essentials of Water Treatment

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is essential. It removes chemicals, sediment and a wide range of contaminants that affect the taste, smell and appearance of your water.

Water Softeners
(Ion Exchange)

Soft water prevents scale buildup and soap scum. Remove hardness-causing minerals, improving cleaning power and extending appliance life. Kinetico's twin tanks continuously deliver soft water.

Water Purification (Reverse Osmosis)

Filter out contaminants for pure drinking and cooking water. Kinetico's high-flow models remineralize for improved taste and provide undercounter and countertop options. Enjoy water that looks, tastes, and is healthier.

UV Sanitation Systems

UV sanitation destroys bacteria and microorganisms without chemicals. Ultraviolet light damages pathogens' DNA so they can't reproduce. Whole home systems provide disinfected water from every tap, reducing illness risks. Enjoy clean, refreshing water.

Fix Your Water
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