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About NorCal Water Systems

For over 30 years

Norcal Water Systems provides customized Kinetico water treatment solutions to deliver clean, refreshing water tailored to your home’s needs. Our experts design the perfect Kinetico system to improve your water quality and efficiency.

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Understanding your water is the first step to improving it. But between emerging contaminants, confusing tests, and complicated treatment options, getting a handle on your home’s water quality can feel overwhelming.

At Norcal Water Systems, we simplify the path to pure, safe tap water. Our water experts provide:

  • Comprehensive testing identifying risks unique to your home
  • Custom analysis reports presented in everyday language
  • Personalized solutions tackling your specific contaminants
  • Ongoing support optimizing systems for health and performance

While water problems seem puzzling, the solutions don’t have to be. We decode complex topics and engineer treatment tailored to your issues, lifestyle and budget.

Relax knowing our certified pros have your back. Contact us today to start your stress-free journey to quality water from source to tap!

Whether you need filtration, ion exchange (water softener), purification (reverse osmosis), sanitization, or a specialty system, Kinetico has the solution to meet your needs and budget.
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