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Commercial Water Treatment

Kinetico Commercial Water Systems

Servicing Local Businesses For Over 30 Years!

For over 30 years, NorCal Water Systems has provided customized commercial water purification solutions for Northern California businesses across sectors like education, hospitality, food service, agriculture, and more. We offer complete analysis and treatment for issues like hard water buildup, contaminants, bacteria, taste and odor, utilizing technologies like reverse osmosis, water softening, specialty filtration and disinfection.

As a full-service provider, our in-house water experts first analyze each unique water quality profile via on-site testing. We identify contaminants, mineral levels, pH and other parameters to then engineer tailored Kinetico systems incorporating filtration, softening, UV sanitization, and specialty equipment as needed. With research-backed solutions that evolve with industry needs, trust Norcal Water to consistently meet your business’s water purity and usage requirements.