Sacramento Water Softener Installation

Are you tired of battling the daily grind of hard water issues? Wondering where you can find top-notch water softener installation in Dallas to finally put an end to your woes?
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Sacramento, CA Water Softner Systems

Clean drinking water is essential for health and well-being. At NorCal Water Systems, providing high-quality water is our top concern. As Sacramento’s leading dealer of Kinetico® water systems, we offer innovative solutions to purify your home’s water.

Our team provides specialized guidance in finding the right water softener, reverse osmosis system, or water filter for your needs and budget. We carry a wide selection of commercial and residential systems to remove contaminants and improve water quality and taste. For the cleanest drinking water in Sacramento, contact NorCal Water Systems to learn more and get a free water test.

Kinetico Premier Series Softener

  • Dual-tank softener eliminates hard water minerals efficiently and effectively with 24/7 operation
  • All moving parts operate in soft water which extends equipment life
  • System regenerates based on actual metered water usage, not time, saving money and prolonging resin life
  • High flow rate is designed to keep up with the most demanding households and is perfectly suited for larger plumbing in many homes
  • Non-electric operation cuts costs and protects the environment
  • No computers or timers to adjust, repair or replace

Kinetico Premier Series Combination System Softener/Filtration

  • Quad-tank residential system designed for homes with filtration AND softening needs with both systems incorporated into one compact design
  • Commonly used for homes on community well water with hardness minerals, high manganese, and high chlorine
  • Choice of media for filter tanks depending on contaminant issues
  • System retains all the features included in all Premier Series products including non-electric operation, soft-water regeneration, and no computers to adjust, repair or replace
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Hard water affects most parts of the U.S. Many households and businesses have hard water and don’t even know it! The only way to know exactly what is in your water is a professional water analysis.
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