Emerging Contaminants

Future-Proof Your Water: Tackling the Risks of Emerging Contaminants

Addressing the Threat of Emerging Drinking Water Contaminants

As detection technology and research advances, new unregulated water pollutants garner increasing concern. Termed Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs), these complex compounds require advanced treatment solutions.

Read on for NorCal Water’s guidance on identifying exposure risks, likely health impacts, and navigation of sparse regulatory information around addressing CECs.

What Defines an Emerging Contaminant

The EPA categorizes unregulated water contaminants into CEC classes including:

  • Commercial chemicals like flame retardants and pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical byproducts
  • Personal care product compounds
  • Industrial chemicals and waste elements

As detection grows, so does concern around potential human health and environmental consequences.

Possible Effects of Exposure to CECs

With minimal toxicity data available, peu research exists quantifying CEC human health impacts. However initial science points towards:

  • Hormonal and reproductive dysfunction
  • Developmental problems
  • Increased cancer rates

Aquatic ecosystems already demonstrate damage from rising CEC levels.

Advanced Water Treatment Targeting Unregulated Threats

Facing undefined contaminants with limited guideline information poses challenges. As leaders in water testing and treatment for Northern California homes and businesses, NorCal Water Systems helps identify and address CEC risks through:

  • Water quality analysis spotting telltale markers of contamination types
  • Kinetico reverse osmosis technology capturing the broadest spectrum of water threats
  • Consultation on the best defense against your home’s unique water chemistry

Trust NorCal Water as your partner navigating the boundaries of emerging water quality threats!

See What’s In Your Water With A Free Water Analysis

At NorCal Water Systems, we provide complimentary on-site water testing to detect and analyze emerging inorganic and organic contaminants affecting your home’s water quality and safety.

After a comprehensive contamination screening, our technicians will review the full findings and advise on tailored Kinetico reverse osmosis solutions to meet your family’s needs. We offer under-sink and whole-home systems combining advanced membrane technology with cutting-edge particulate, chemical and Nano filtration.

Contact NorCal Water today to schedule your free emerging contaminant inspection. Let our water quality experts recommend the optimal treatment products to give you peace of mind at every tap in the face of unregulated threats.

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