Silica in Drinking Water

Crystal Clear: Your Solution to Silica in Drinking Water

Understanding and Removing Silica from Drinking Water

As an abundant mineral in Northern California’s bedrock and soil, silica frequently dissolves into our regional water supplies. While relatively harmless to ingest, silica can cause unwanted aesthetic and mechanical issues.

By grasping how silica enters and impacts water, you gain insight into suitable treatment methods. Read on as your local experts break down potential concerns tied to this common contaminant.

How Silica Enters Drinking Water

All natural water exposed to rock and sediment contains some dissolved silica. This mineral nutrient exists in two forms:

  • Reactive silica – dissolved ions
  • Colloidal silica – suspended microscopic particles

While silica offers health benefits in trace amounts, elevated concentrations can potentially cause problems.

Issues Caused by Excess Silica

Most notably, silica precipitates out of hard water when heated, leaving behind:

  • Cloudy, scaly residue on glassware
  • Chalky mineral buildup on fixtures and tile
  • Pitting damage in piping and appliances

This not only mars appearance, but can impair function and longevity of water-using systems.

Testing To Verify Silica Levels

As your regional water experts for over 30 years, NorCal Water Systems provides free, on-site testing to analyze your water’s hardness alongside silica content and form – reactive vs. colloidal.

Accurately documenting concentrations allows us to engineer the optimal treatment approach.

NorCal's Silica Removal Solutions

Where problematic silica is confirmed through testing, NorCal Water Systems offers customized filtration and conditioning solutions including:

  • Ultrafiltration – mechanical removal of colloidal particles
  • Ion exchange softeners – chemical extraction of reactive dissolved silica
  • Reverse osmosis – addresses both forms in one system

Contact the leading experts in Northern California water quality and enjoy pure water free of excess silica!

See What’s In Your Water With A Free Water Analysis

At NorCal Water Systems, we provide complimentary on-site water testing to analyze silica levels and document specific concentrations affecting your home’s water quality and fixture integrity.

After a comprehensive mineral analysis, our technicians will review the full findings and advise on tailored Kinetico filtration solutions to meet your family’s needs. We offer whole-home carbon or sediment systems alongside combination carbon-softening units to address reactive and colloidal silica.

Contact NorCal Water today to schedule your free silica inspection. Let our water quality experts recommend the optimal treatment method to keep your water clear while preventing scale buildup and pipe damage.

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