What Causes Blue-Green Stains?

Banish the Blues: Effective Solutions for Blue-Green Stains in Your Home

What Causes Blue-Green Stains in Bathtubs and Sinks?

Have you noticed alarming blue, green or blue-green stains accumulating in your bathroom fixtures and drains? This corrosion is often tied to pH imbalanced water eroding copper components over time.

Left unchecked, low pH water will continue damaging your plumbing while leaching copper and minerals into your home’s water supply. By understanding the cause and implementing the right treatment, you can get ahead of destructive corrosion.

Low pH Water Decaying Copper Pipes and Fixtures

While pH balanced water ranges between 6.5 and 8, particularly acidic water with levels below 6.5 can be very corrosive. As this water flows through copper pipes and bathtub/sink fixtures, blue-green oxidation appears.

In addition to staining, low pH water will pit and decay pipes from the inside out. Eventual leakage, mold growth and total component failure can occur if copper corrosion advances unchecked.

Testing Your Water to Assess the Risk

As your complete home water quality provider, NorCal Water Systems offers free on-site testing to determine your water’s pH. Our analysis can also detect if copper levels from corrosion have reached concerning concentrations.

Confirming the cause of any present staining lets us tailor the optimal solutions.

NorCal's Stain Prevention and Removal Solutions

Where low pH proves to be fueling copper corrosion, NorCal Water Systems provides customized acid neutralization systems. Expertly balancing your water’s pH, we stop stainless fixture damage at the source.

For removing existing stains, we recommend non-abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching finishes. And protecting your health long-term requires filtering out any copper that has entered your homes water.

Depend on Northern California’s leading water quality provider to keep your water safe, balanced and corrosion-free!

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