Specialty Water Systems (Iron, Acidity, Chlorine, & Odors)

Advanced Solutions for Unique Water Challenges

Specialty Water Systems

Iron, Acidity, Odors, Chlorine & More

Every home deserves water of the highest quality, but sometimes standard treatment isn’t enough. That’s where our Specialty Water Systems come in, offering advanced solutions for those unique and challenging water issues that standard systems may overlook. Whether it’s tackling less common contaminants like radon and acidity, or addressing specific concerns such as low water pressure and volume often found in homes with low-yield wells, our systems are designed to handle it all.

Our range of specialty water technologies goes beyond mere filtration and purification. They are engineered to restore and enhance your water to its purest state, ensuring every drop is safe and of the highest quality. From removing undetectable pollutants to solving practical problems unrelated to contamination, these systems are your answer to comprehensive water quality management in your home.

Kinetico Specialty Water System Residential Solutions

Kinetico Arsenic Guard

  • Offers an effective, affordable and dependable solution for homes with arsenic in their water supply.
  • Dual tanks filter the arsenic from your water will be periodically replaced when necessary by your Kinetico water professional, so you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Assures consistent and continuous reduction of arsenic in water.

Kinetico Acid Neutralizer

  • Eliminates blue-green staining and corrosion of plumbing caused by low pH
  • Non-electric operation saves money and eliminates computer adjustments, repair, and replacement
  • Corrosion resistant tanks are long-lasting and can be used in harsh environments

Kinetico Sulfur Guard System

  • Whole-home water treatment for the best possible water at every point-of-use throughout the entire house
  • EverClean® Rinse ensures consistently-high water quality, extends membrane life and lowers maintenance costs
  • Designed to maximize water conservation and minimize wastewater
  • Medium to high production rates range from 700 – 2,500 gallons per day (GPD) accommodates even the most demanding households
  • Up to 98% contaminant removal

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Norcal Water Systems provides specialized water testing to analyze pH, contaminants, mineral content, and more. After reviewing the comprehensive findings, our technicians will advise on tailored Kinetico systems to address your specific water quality issues.

Whether you require acidic water neutralization, iron removal, radon reduction, or a drinking water system, we will recommend the optimal specialty purification solutions for your home. Contact us to schedule your free specialized water consultation.

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