Bacteria and Viruses in Drinking Water

Guarding Your Well-being: Advanced Defense Against Waterborne Pathogens

Protecting Your Health from Waterborne Illness

While Northern California tap water meets EPA safety standards, harmful pathogens still occasionally infiltrate supply lines. Shield your household against waterborne bacteria and viruses with NorCal Water’s advanced disinfection solutions.

How Contaminants Enter Water Systems

Both municipal and private well water face contamination risks including:

  • Agricultural runoff
  • Failing septic tanks
  • Treatment facility issues
  • Storm flooding

Resulting gastroenteritis outbreaks cause acute symptoms requiring medical care.

Impacts of Waterborne Bacteria and Viruses

Illnesses transmitted through compromised drinking water supply lines induce an array of negative health effects such as:

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Flu-like fever and dehydration
  • Long-term liver/kidney issues

Sensitive populations like children, elderly and immunocompromised individuals face heightened risks.

Advanced Water Disinfection Solutions

As your water quality and treatment specialist for over 30 years, NorCal Water Systems offers Kinetico reverse osmosis and ultraviolet purification systems to neutralize dangerous pathogens.

We start by testing your water supply. Verified bacteria or viruses then get addressed through disinfection and mechanical filtration solutions tailored to your household’s needs.

Contact our water professionals today to safeguard your home against illness-causing contaminants!

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