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Experience the Purity of Every Drop – Whole-House Water Filtration for Healthier Living

Whole-House Water Filtration Systems

Filtered Water for Your Entire Home

Embark on a journey to pristine water quality with our whole-house water filtration systems. Understanding that water is a vital part of your daily life, we focus on two essential aspects: sediment filtration and chemical filtration. Sediment filtration is your first line of defense, removing visible particulate matter that often mars water clarity. On the other hand, chemical filtration delves deeper, targeting dissolved chemicals that lurk unseen in your water supply.

Our systems are more than just filters; they are comprehensive solutions for total home water management. By removing both visible and invisible contaminants, we ensure every drop of water in your home is not just clean, but also contributes to the health and wellness of your family.

Discoloration or Chemicals in Your Water?

Are you troubled by floating particles or the unsettling smell of chemicals in your water? These are clear indicators of compromised water quality. With Kintetico’s whole-house water filtration systems, you can transform your water experience. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing every faucet in your home delivers water that’s not only safe but also crystal-clear for drinking, cleaning, and bathing.

Partner with us at NorCal Water Systems, and we’ll craft a personalized proposal for a filtration system that addresses your specific water quality concerns. Our tailored approach ensures that the unique contaminants affecting your home are effectively filtered out. Take the first step towards resolving your water quality issues today and enjoy the purity and comfort of filtered water throughout your entire home.

Discover the Benefits of Kinetico Home Water Filtration Systems

Enhanced Health & Wellness

Experience the health benefits of purified water. Our filtration system removes contaminants and impurities, ensuring every glass of water supports your family's health and well-being. Drink, cook, and live with the confidence of clean, safe water.

Eco-Friendly Living

Contribute to a greener planet with our sustainable water solution. By reducing reliance on bottled water, you'll minimize plastic waste and lower your carbon footprint. Enjoy the benefits of clean water while preserving the environment

Seamless Integration & Design

Embrace the convenience of our whole-house system, designed to integrate seamlessly into your home. With low maintenance and a sleek design, it complements your lifestyle and home aesthetics, providing hassle-free access to purified water from every tap.

Water Filtration Options

Clean, healthy water is essential for you and your family’s wellbeing. Our water filtration systems remove a wide range of both visible and invisible contaminants, restoring your water to its purest state:
  • Sediment Filtration Systems: Removes particles like rust, minerals, and sand that affect taste, odor, and color.
  • Chemical Filtration Systems: Eliminates chlorine, disinfection byproducts, and other chemicals that impact health and plumbing.
  • Specialty Filtration Systems: Safely filters out emerging contaminants like PFAS that persist in the environment.
No matter which system you need for your home, you’ll enjoy major benefits:
  • Improved health from reduced exposure to toxins
  • Better taste and smell from particle and chemical removal
  • Cost savings from an energy-efficient, automated system
  • Eco-friendly system with minimal environmental impact
We offer free water testing to analyze your water and recommend the optimal filtration solution. Contact us today to get started!

Real Stories, Real Results: Customer Experiences

Kinetico Residential Filtration Solutions

Kinetico SuperKit Cartridge Filtration System with MACH Bypass Valve

  • Remove visible sediment down to 5 microns
  • Reusable cartridge filter options based on particle size and contamination level
  • Easy-to-operate single-handle MACH bypass valve with color-coded positions
  • 1.25″ connections to deliver the highest flow at the highest possible pressure
  • Easy filter changes with quick pressure relief
  • Amber housing to eliminate algae growth
  • Water Quality Association (WQA) certified

Dechlorinator 1100 (Chlorine & Chloramine and Chemical Reduction System)

  • Whole-home chlorine and chloramine removal system
  • Provides chlorine-free water at every faucet
  • Protects water softener from effects of chlorine
  • Single tank system ideal for lower water flow demands
  • Non-electric system powered by water usage
  • No electricity or backwashing required

Powerline Pro Whole House Filtration System

  • Protects appliances, fixtures and clothing from iron staining
  • Eliminates rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas
  • Fully programmable control valve with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two tank sizes and three media blends for flexibility
  • External air injection extends valve life
  • Independently programmable cycles save water
  • Efficient at removing iron and sulfur
Request a Free Water Analysis Today

Request Your Free Water Analysis

At Norcal Water Systems, our technicians will perform a water analysis right in your home to identify contaminants affecting your water quality. We will then review the findings and recommend customized Kinetico filtration solutions tailored to your budget, aesthetics, and health goals.

Whether you require basic sediment removal, chlorine reduction, or specialized PFAS filtration, we will configure the optimal system for your home’s water. Contact us to schedule a complimentary in-home water test and filtration consultation.

Filtration For All Your Home's Water Needs
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