Hard Water vs. Your Water Heater

Energize Your Water Heater: Solutions for Hard Water Challenges

Hard Water vs. Your Water Heater: Prevent Damage and Save Energy

With our region’s naturally high mineral content, Northern California’s hard water takes a major toll on water heaters. Hardness minerals rapidly accelerate limescale buildup and corrosion inside tanks and pipes, hampering performance.

NorCal Water Systems offers customized water softening solutions to eliminate the threat hard water poses to your home’s hot water system. Prevent scale deposits from forming and save significantly on energy bills and maintenance costs over time.

How Hard Water Hurts Water Heaters

As hard water is heated, calcium and magnesium minerals solidify into hard chalky deposits inside your water heater. This limescale buildup has many detrimental effects:

  • Reduces heating efficiency – acting as an insulator
  • Lessens hot water storage capacity
  • Risk of overheating and leakage
  • Voids manufacturer warranties
  • Shortens appliance lifespan by up to 50%

For tankless heaters, scale buildup impedes consistent on-demand hot water flow. Flushing and descaling only offer short-term relief before needing repeated again.

NorCal's Water Softening Solutions

NorCal Water Systems offers a permanent solution to protect your water heater by tackling hard water at the source. Our non-electric Kinetico Premier Series softeners use an eco-friendly ion exchange process to remove minerals before ever reaching your appliances.

Customized to your household’s size and usage, our systems will:

  • Prevent scale from accumulating
  • Restore heating efficiency
  • Extend appliance lifespan
  • Eliminate descaling maintenance
  • Lower energy bills

For whole-home protection, we also offer combination softener-filtration systems. Contact NorCal Water Systems today to discuss the affordable financing options available.

Defend your water heater and household plumbing against destructive hard water damage once and for all with Northern California’s leading water quality experts!

Protect Appliances from Hard Water Damage

At NorCal Water Systems, we provide complimentary on-site water testing to analyze mineral content and document your home’s specific hardness levels affecting appliance efficiency.

After a comprehensive evaluation, our technicians will review the full findings and recommend optimized Premier Series softening solutions to meet your household’s hot water usage needs. We offer whole-home protection as well as combination softener-filtration systems.

Contact NorCal Water today to schedule your free hard water inspection. Let our water quality experts advise the ideal eco-friendly softening method to defend your water heater while saving on energy and maintenance costs.

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