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Water Quality Problems

What’s In Your Water?

Is your water up to par? With emerging contaminants, aging infrastructure and environmental factors threatening safety and quality, water purity can no longer be taken for granted.

A variety of issues may already be affecting the water flowing from your taps:

  • Unpleasant tastes, smells and appearances
  • Skin, hair and plumbing damage
  • Harmful chemicals with no color, odor or taste
  • Bacterial and viral pathogens

Well water, distribution systems and building plumbing all present potential problems. Without realizing it, your household could be consuming risky compounds or breeding illness-causing microorganisms.

Having a Norcal Water Systems professional test your water is the best way to determine if water treatment is necessary and which solution is right for you.

Hard Water

The Hard Truth About Hard Water

That glass filling your sink with cloudy swirls? Those sticky soap scums and mineral stains plaguing your showers? Hard water is likely the culprit.

Hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium dissolve into groundwater supplies. Over 85% of US homes battle hard water challenges.

While the health risks seem minimal, the household hazards add up:

Gunky Fixtures: Soap combines with hardness ions to create clingy curds leaving tubs, sinks and clothing dingy. The more the merrier for bacteria.

Scaly Deposits: White chalky scale builds up where moisture evaporates. Shower doors, faucets and pipes narrow over time as thick minerals accumulate.

Dulled Appliances: Heat plus hardness equals premature failure. Water heaters, washing machines and other appliances work overtime against heavy mineral deposits.

Skin and Hair Woes: Itchy, flaky skin and dull, brittle hair result from incomplete soap and shampoo residue rinsing. Annoying and painful!

Treating hard water is easy with the right water softener. Custom systems use ion exchange to remove hardness minerals and replace them with harmless sodium ions.

Restore your home and hair to their glistening glory! Schedule a free water analysis to assess your unique hardness levels and treatment needs. Our experts will suggest the perfect softening solution leaving your water cleaner, safer and easier on everything it touches.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy Water: Causes and Solutions

That glass of water looks a little dull? Cloudiness is often harmless, but it may signal problems requiring attention. Common causes include:

Sediment Disturbances: Construction, storms or broken pipes stir up solids like silt, minerals and rust. Increased turbidity protects microbes and interferes with disinfection.

Built-Up Minerals: Over time, hardness deposits from calcium, magnesium and other minerals accumulate. This clouds water and leaves scale on plumbing.

Poor Filtration: Inadequate filtration allows contaminant particles to flow through taps. Cloudiness frequently indicates the presence of metals, bacteria, chemicals or other pollutants requiring removal.

While turbidity itself seems harmless, the underlying causes can degrade water quality, health and plumbing. Even clear water can hide risks like lead and disease-causing pathogens.

The solution lies in effective whole home filtration. Custom systems trap visible particulate matter while also removing unseen dissolved solids, chemicals, metals and microorganisms.

Wondering if your water makes the grade? Schedule a free water test. Our team will check clarity along with purity. Based on your profile, we’ll suggest the optimal filtration approach for cleaner, healthier water flowing straight from your taps.


Chlorine Taste and Smell

Chlorine Filtration for Cleaner, Fresher Water

That swimming pool smell when you turn on the tap? Chlorine is likely the culprit.

As a disinfectant against bacteria, chlorine prevents disease spread through public water supplies. But once inside your home, chlorine overstays its welcome.

While small doses seem harmless, chlorine’s downsides add up:

Clothing Bleaching: Faded favorites signal excess oxidation from chlorine compounds.

Dry Skin and Hair: Brittle hair plus flaky, irritated skin result from moisture-stripping disinfectants.

Unpleasant Taste and Odor: Who wants water reeking of summer swim lessons?

Damaged Fixtures: Rubber gaskets and seals deteriorate after prolonged chemical corrosion.

The solution? Whole-home carbon filtration. Custom systems effectively reduce chlorine and chloramine levels for cleaner, fresher tap water.

Restore your water’s purity! Request a free analysis to determine your unique chlorine removal needs. Our experts will suggest the perfect filtration solutions for healthier skin, hair and home.

Drinking Water Issues

Eliminating Unpleasant Contaminants for Purer Water

Weird smells or tastes when you turn on the tap? Your water may have absorbed unwanted compounds:

Rotten Eggs: Hydrogen sulfide gas leaves an unpleasant odor and corrosion.

Earthy or Musty: Decaying organic matter like algae, though harmless, can be unpalatable.

Metallic: Iron, manganese and other dissolved metals impart undesirable flavors.

Other tasteless, colorless contaminants also sneak into water supplies – from industrial waste to pesticides to chlorine byproducts.

The solution lies in advanced purification systems. Custom configurations effectively reduce offensive particulates, chemicals, gases and metals in drinking water.

Get back that clear, fresh taste! Request a free analysis to address your specific water quality concerns. Our experts will suggest the optimal treatments for healthier, better-tasting H20 flowing from every faucet.

Iron and Manganese Staining

Conquering Metal Contaminants

Rusty stains. Black particles. Your water supply may be picking up undesirable underground hitchhikers like iron and manganese.

As water flows through soil and rock, it dissolves metals naturally present in the earth. These contaminants then enter homes through taps and appliances, causing frustrating damage:

  • Orange and black stains on surfaces
  • Rusty looking sinks and tubs
  • Metallic taste
  • Ruined laundry

Specialized ion exchange systems efficiently remove dissolved iron and manganese for cleaner water and surfaces.

Bid farewell to stubborn stains and smells! Our experts identify problematic metals during a free analysis, then engineer custom treatment solutions restoring the quality straight from your pipes.

Blue-Green Staining

Neutralizing Acidic Water

Blue and green stains plaguing your sinks, tubs and clothing? Your tap water may be too acidic.

Low pH water corrodes plumbing, leaching copper and lead into the supply. The result is ugly discoloration of fixtures, laundry and even hair.

Left unchecked, highly acidic water degrades pipe interiors, causing leaks and water damage over time.

pH correction systems use calcite media to gently raise acidity levels back to normal. Custom configurations monitor and maintain proper pH for cleaner, safer water flow.

Get your pH back on track! Test your water for acidity levels, then our experts will prescribe the optimal treatment for restoring visual appeal and plumbing function throughout your home.

Bacteria and Viruses

Protecting Against Hidden Waterborne Illness

Clear, clean-looking water may seem pure, but microscopic threats like bacteria, viruses and parasites could be lurking within. Contamination sources include animal waste, faulty septic systems, plant matter, and aging pipes.

Ingesting pathogens through tainted tap water leads to an estimated 12 million acute gastrointestinal cases annually nationwide. The results are ugly and uncomfortable – think nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps.

Effective disinfection terminates illness-causing microorganisms. Whole-home ultraviolet light systems deactivate reproduction and growth to prevent spread. Custom configurations match dosage levels to the unique microbial makeup of your water.

Get peace of mind knowing your family is protected against waterborne diseases. Schedule an advanced analysis to detect contamination and receive treatment recommendations from our team of experts. We’ll suggest targeted solutions for maximizing purity and health from source to tap.


Clearing Silica Scale for Spotless Surfaces

Hard, impossible-to-scrub mineral buildup on your fixtures? Silica is likely the culprit.

As water passes through rock and soil, it absorbs silica contaminants. Over time, these dissolved particles leave behind tough white scale deposits called silica fouling.

Silica binds tightly to surfaces, requiring harsh chemicals and elbow grease for removal. The result? Hours wasted scrubbing and continual stained:

  • Shower doors
  • Faucets
  • Toilet bowls
  • Sinks

Thankfully, advanced systems filter out silica for scale-free results. Whole-home reverse osmosis blocks particles, preventing fouling and buildup.

Preserve your sanity and surfaces. Request testing to determine silica levels, then our experts will engineer custom water treatment for a sparkling clean home.

Emerging Contaminants

Blocking Toxic “Forever Chemicals”

GenX. PFOA. PFOS. Scary-sounding compounds called “forever chemicals” invade water from manufacturing waste.

These toxic synthetics resist breaking down to plague your taps for years. Exposure over time may lead to:

  • Organ damage
  • Developmental issues
  • Cancer
  • Reproductive harm

Advanced purification like reverse osmosis removes emerging contaminants for safer, cleaner water. Multi-stage systems block microscopic pollutants through rejection and absorption.

Protect your family from the inside out! Schedule a free analysis allowing our experts to detect and address any hazardous compounds compromising your water quality and health.

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